Reflection About Education

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“We’re going to a better place,” said Dad. My family immigrated to the United States in 2004. I was eight years old when we immigrated to the United States. English was not our first language and it was very hard to learn. The culture and environment was totally foreign to us. My parents received very little education and did not know English. As an eight year old, the only responsibility I remembered having was education. Responsibilities such as cooking, doing the laundry, doing chores around the house, writing checks to pay bills were my father’s. Although neither both of my parents completed elementary school, they worked hard to make sure my siblings and I had enough food in our stomachs. However, everything changed when both of my parents…show more content…
Where we came from it is not free. Take advantage of it. Education is the key to your success.” I knew in the back of my mind that my father had a goal. He had a goal of having enough money to support his family, but he could not do it because he did not have the education to get a well paid job with less labor. My father’s goal became my goal. When I first went to school, learning English was very hard because it was not my native language. Whenever the teacher asked me a question, having no clue to what it meant, my answer would either be “Yes” or “No”. When I was in the sixth grade I started to translate for my parents at conference. It was really nerve wrecking and hard because I was still learning English, but I managed to do it as best as I can. My parents even had asked me many times to translate their mails and help filled paper works for them. Also helping my siblings with their school work while managing my school work was hard. Feeling the weights on my shoulders just keeps adding on, I have to manage between taking time to help my family members and my education. Sometimes I have to sacrifice my school work and extra-curricular activities to help them. As I went into secondary school, I began to be proficient in English and excel in my
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