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I have been tracking everything that I have been eating for the past 3 days. It was a little hard trying to remember what I had eaten the day before, but I made through. Sometimes, I feel that I do not get enough food in my diet because I am always hungry every 2 hours. I have always wanted to gain weight because I just do not like being this small, but I could never gain weight. I found out that I eat just enough to maintain my weight. In order to gain weight, I have to eat more calories. My diet compared to the recommendations was good for my height, age, and weight. I had been eating enough calories to maintain my current weight. I am also not getting enough of each nutrient. In the grains group, I needed 15 ounces, but I only received 4…show more content…
I could start by adding a salad to my diet. I could start eating from home and making my own meals so that way I know what I am eating and what is in my food. I could cut back on eating fast food and start eating healthier foods. I need to eat whole or cut up fruits rather than fruit juice. I like peaches, strawberries, tangerines, etc. so I can add more of these to my diet. Vegetables have five subgroups, which are dark-green, red and orange, legumes, starchy, and other vegetables. I feel that if I start to shop for vegetables within those five subgroups then I will be able to consume the vegetables I need. I could eat vegetable fats instead of eating animal fat, which could lead to health problems. Within the grains section, I do not like wheat bread so I will reject that, but on the other hand I do like bagels, cereal, and pasta, etc. so I could eat more of those type things. I could avoid eating processed food and start eating fresh foods. Protein group also have subgroups: 1. Seafood, 2. Meats, poultry, eggs, and 3. Nuts, seeds, soy products. I love seafood as well so I know seafood would not be a problem. I consume meats, poultry, and eggs such as, hamburgers, ground beef with spaghetti or tacos, and eggs. I also, like to eat cashews and pecans so I could add more of those to my diet. I usually get whole milk, but with the milk group, I need to get fat free or 1%. I could also start…show more content…
I never really realized how certain nutrients worked in the body nor why we needed them so much. Something that also interested me was learning that there are some foods that we just cannot live without, such as iodine. I have tried numerous times to try and read the Nutrition Facts but I could never really get a full understanding. I also never read the warnings on the labels, which I will start doing now that I know they are there. I could now maybe start to work on my diet so that way I will have a nutritious diet and a healthy life. I will also try to start doing a little more physical

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