Reflection About Cultural Diversity

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In today’s diverse society it is imperative that we teach children to respect differences, embrace diversity, and learn from cultures different from their own. This class taught me that toddlers notice racial differences and are able to differentiate differences, based on skin color. Between the ages of four and six, preschool and pre-k children can identify the differences among their peers and classmates. The language adults choose to use around young children to identify and classify different people, becomes a concrete foundation of how a child will view religion, language, traditions, and other cultural differences of people different from themselves. If I were teaching cultural diversity to children 4-6, I would start with the topic…show more content…
Different cultures enjoy different beats and instruments. Drums and symbols are instruments that both make noise when hit, but instruments are diverse in the way they look and sound, just like people. After reading this book, I will ask the students “what songs do you like to listen to?” Next, we will explore different sounds using a variety of instruments from around the world. The children will take turns playing drums and markkas, then I will ask the students to describe the different sounds and textures of the instruments. I will record their answers on chart paper. Last, we will break into small groups and make markkas using rice and plastic eggs. We will also make rain sticks using a paper towel roll, rice, and markers to draw designs on it. When we finish the art activity we will reconvene in the large group area and play our percussion instruments together. Afterwards, I will ask the students to describe how they feel when listening to music, and playing music. This will cultivate their socio-emotional skills as well. Through music the children will learn about different sounds and language from around the world. They will be able to make connections between the similarities and differences to the music they listen to and hopefully recognize the commonalties amongst…show more content…
In the book the author discusses different foods, families, and clothing from around the world. After reading the book, as a group we would discuss different dress attire and use large doll sticker books to dress the children from around the world. I would ask questions to the young children like, what do you wear on special occasions? This would hopefully create a dialogue rich in diversity about religion, although I can’t discuss specific details of each religion, I can provide a safe environment for the children to share their differences. Next, in small groups I would have the children explore different cultures through dramatic play, using different attire from around the world. Though, I would not have them “act” like other people, since this might turn the activity into an opportunity to stereotype verses exploring different cultures. We will discuss the different colors, textures, and variances amongst the costumes. Lastly, I would have the children color a picture of a person, they would draw clothing to depict the different attire and cultures they just learned about. Art is a great way to incorporate diversity into the

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