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Many people argue over the answer to this question. There are several different interpretations of the correct answer is . Most people automatically think that the word Art is referring to the types of music, dance or visual art that you might be used to .Although others will probably describe Art as a picture, painting, sculpture, or maybe even a form of music that expresses one’s own thoughts or feelings. However, I believe that Art is much more than that. To me, art is more of a creative way to express my deepest passions, thoughts, and emotions.

For starters Art is language with or without words , it is the visual expression of an idea or experience. During your lifetime Art has changed, it was brought out to your knowledge with little stuff here and there. But never thought about how important Art can really be as a child.

Art is very important as a child. As I go into my field of Child Development I see that art is a way that young children who may not be able to use their words , are able to express what they feel and use their abilities of creative to make a picture from crayons onto a paper with their motor skill .It is their way to communicate to one another showing in different ways with using
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There are many different cultures that have a variety of ways to express themselves, and their beliefs. Some cultures represent their artistic originality through paintings and sculptures, with what most people think about when they think about art. Something that can be considered art in cultures can also be their food, clothing, hairstyles, and holidays. The thing is, people always believe that art has to be displayed or something that many people know about. What they don 't understand is art doesn 't have to be in a gallery, it doesn 't even have to be commonly known. You can find art in anything as simple as spilling water over. The beauty of art is that you can find it anywhere and at

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