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This semester I was able to flourish as a writer due to essays given in class. I am now better able to analyze prompts and to communicate my ideas better on paper. Although my writing has drastically improved, it has not always been that way. As evident through past essays, my writing was poorly structured and contained spelling errors. Also through practice this semester I was better able to write a concrete thesis statement, something I was puzzled with in my previous English courses. Now I am more confident in my writing, but I still believe that there are certain areas in my writing that could use some improvement. During this semester I have been able to look at my previous essay and see the progress that I have made.
With my prologue essay there are countless grammar and spelling mistakes. I take this into account now because I have learned to reread my essays before deciding whether or not they are finalized. In the beginning of the semester I would write an essay and dread reading it over because I thought I would find too much inconsistencies. I no longer fear that today because I make sure to read over every paragraph of an essay before I proceed on to the next paragraph. In addition I no
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I always seemed to find timed writing difficult because I never used to brainstorm my ideas previously. For example I didn’t really brainstorm for my prologue as a result my prologue was messing and didn’t flow in one direction. For this reason I decided I would brainstorm and have a prewrite outline for my next in class essay. My essay about the “The Gangster we are all looking for”. In my opinion this essay is better written and follows the prompt better then my previous essay in class essay. Something that I could improve on in the future however is time management when it comes to in class essay. Because I found it difficult in writing the conclusion of my essay both
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