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This semester was extremely enjoyable, beneficial, and memorable, due in part to the new knowledge and experiences I have come upon and with the fact that this is my last semester. I can state with a great amount of confidence that I have grown mentally and artistically, maybe not at the rate I hoped for but enough to be noticeable. Though there have been improvements in different aspects of my playing, the focus this semester seemed to have fallen on my tone and developing a clearer mental image of what I want to sound like. This semester was challenging in terms of trying to fit in everything I had to accomplish, but thanks to this I was able to economize my practice regiment. There some weeks this semester when I was not able to complete all my hours of practice and instead had to deal with a few hours. Within these smaller…show more content…
The beginning of this semester saw improvement when compared to previous semesters, however things began to revert back to old ways in my last in-class performance. The reasons as to why this occurred are still not as clear, but some ideas I am having involve a possible manifestation of nerves. In terms of trying to control my nerves, nothing has improved except that I am more aware of them and subsequently a bit more aware of my physical movements. In these last couple of performances, the Thursday and jury performances, I became a bit more aware of where I was physically placing myself and was able to control my movements while still maintaining my focus on the music. Another theory I have relates to my wardrobe, I am serious when I state that the days I felt good wearing what I was, I then executed a performance I thought was pleasant and enjoyable. For this, I will just have to continue performing as much as I can but now also treat them as area for experimentation, in which I can mix different attributes and witness the

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