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In part 3, Port Richey, from chapters four trough seven, of Johnny Cash’s autobiography he continues to talk about his drug addiction and the effort people were making to try and get him out of it. He also talks about when he first saw June and knew he would marry her one day. He mentions Saul Holiff, “who pushed me to take my show, my career, to another level” (156). He says he liked his ideas, since he could “be aiming for Europe, the Orient, and big places in big U.S. cities” (Cash 156). Johnny Cash states that Saul Holiff, “made many of the most significant moves of my career, and I owe him a lot” (156). I was him that “put me together with June together, professionally speaking, booking her to appear on my shown at the big D Jamboree in Dallas…” (Cash 157). He says he first laid eyes on June when he was eighteen, on a Dyess High School senior class trip to the Grand Ole Opry. On page 157, he says “I walked over to her and came right out with it: “You and I are going to get married someday.” John would alter invite her to join his show, after some arrangements she would be on all his upcoming tours. June, he states, would be with him for the good times and the bad. At one of his concerts at Carnegie Hall, he lost his voice since he had been using drugs recently. That day he suffered of laryngitis. He met Ed McCurdy, who was a sing and song writer. They became friends, but only for the purpose of doing drugs. Peter LaFarge had gone to sleep and couldn’t be woken up after he consumed the Thorazine that John had given him. Johnny Cash says he “wrecked every car I had in those days. I wrecked other people’s, too. I wrecked June’s brand new Cadillac. In fact, I managed to get fired from the Grand Ole Opry and total my future wife’...

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...iolent and arrested all the members in that squad. This grew into huge raids into the various neighborhoods where no weapons would be found but arrests would be made. Eventually this escalated to the point of the Rodney King incident 1991. The police agents involved in this incident were Sgt. Stacey C. Koon, Officer Laurence M. Powell, Officer Timothy Wind, and Officer Ted Briseno. Farrakhan and others were able to convince the gangs to sign the United Black Community Code. This code reflected the temporary peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. It was modified to fit the gangs of LA and called for a truce between all the neighborhoods. During the celebration in the neighborhoods the verdict on the Rodney King trial was read acquitting all 4 officers involved. This, along with the LA City Council blowing off the peace treaty started a string riots all over the city.
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