Reeta Rosenfield

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Reeta Rosenfield
Reeta Rosenfield hopped into her car with a basket of goods she had to deliver. She buckled her seatbelt and immediately hit the steering wheel with her forehead. Holding back her tears she imagined punching her boss in the face. Turn him in, but she couldn't. The man may not have a legitimate business. But in White Hill, her only options for work was this or prostitution. Reeta pulled her red sweater off of her waist, where it was tied and slipped it on. Despite it being August she felt cold, and the dark rich colour would hide the blood on her arms, even if it soaked through.
Putting the small car in drive she pulled out of the butcher shop/ bakery driveway. She passed the old beat-up ice cream truck which she nicknamed 'the child's hearse.' from it's longer body, and dark secret.
When she came to the first house the meat pies were still warm. She folded the sun blocker down to look at herself in the small mirror. Readjusting her hair, she put on her best 'oblivious' face. Carrying the fresh pies up to the door she rang the door bell.
"Hello?" A middle aged woman said when she answered the door.
"Yes I got two meat pie specials for a Ms. -" Reeta never finished her sentence before the woman spoke again.
"Yes, how much do I owe you?" She asked.
Reeta pulled out her receipt pad and found the order. "$12.70 for the pies plus a delivery fee brings it to $14.70." The woman disappeared for a second and re-appeared at the door with a 20 dollar bill, and took the pies.
"Keep the change, darling. My children love these pies and I really feel bad, I got into an argument with my son for such a small issue and him and my daughter never deserved how harshly I treated them. I even saw them go for a walk using marble...

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... and the key to the bakery. Slipping inside, she went down to the basement, where everything was cut up. Behind the counter she found what she was looking for; a syringe and some nerve blocker. She left the dreaded place and got back in her car, and drove.
When she finally put her car in park she was way out of White Hill, by a cliff overlooking a large lake. Reeta pulled out the syringe and filled it with the drug. With a quick punch in her leg and a press of the plunger she felt the icy cold liquid work it's way through her body. She sat down right on the edge of the cliff, her hands being the only thing holding her up. About 10 minutes later her arms buckled as the paralysis kicked in, her body fell over the edge of the cliff like a rag doll, unable to control her decent, but also unable to feel anything... Her drowned body washed up on shore a few days later.

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