Reduction Technique of Water Evaporation

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When water evaporates from water storages it becomes a major issue that affects regions of agriculture in most lands leading to annual loss exceeding potentially to 40 percent and more of water storage. This water which is lost leads to reduction of productivity in agriculture affecting the environment adversely. Literature review has been developed on the same by various researchers in order to develop evaporation suppression techniques highlighting the merits and demerits of the same technique with reference to harm to environment, safety and health concerns (Winter 2011).
Critique of Literature Review
Australia lost most of its water stored in the natural resources through evaporation which grew the attention on conserving evaporation (Craig et al 2007). More than 7000 gallons of water loss is a big issue. Irrigation channels also lost water raising a concern towards environment especially in North Victoria. The water lost leads towards reduction in various activities of production as depicted by (Winter and Albrecht 2011). Various researches of substantial aspects and testing commercially the practical methods reduces the evaporation method indicating that products currently have to be generated the prohibit the expensiveness for protecting large water storages (Craig et al 2005 and Yao et al 2009). The issue particularly rose an importance when the studies depicted Queensland as an example in the scenario. The example was presented in the studies of Craig 2005 saying that around 80 percent water was held in large storage tanks where most of the large storages and irrigation channels ended up losing their water stores. McJannet et al 2008 and other researchers analyzed the previous material investigating the fi...

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...e critique on the same determines that various projects have been undertaken to measure the effectiveness of technologies and understand if the problem of water evaporation can be dealt with. If technology Is successful as determined by the researches then it help Australia in establishing the suppression of evaporation (Jarvis 2009). Also, the compositions made to develop the compounds do not hamper the health conditions of individuals and animals and so making the same a better idea of water evaporation reduction. In order to come to a conclusion and deliver the commercial chemical products in the market of Australia as well as internationally it is important that each product chosen should be measured against the environmental condition, the importance and the efficiency which will be obtained through the implementation of the substances (Winter 2011).