Redistribution Of Wealth By A Free Market Economy

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Redistribution of wealth that is forced has no place and is unnecessary in a free market economy. Government interference or control throws off the natural order of the market. Wealth is a dependent on value to produce income. What is profitable today may not be tomorrow, just as what is valued by one may not be valued the same by someone else. These factors make it easy for redistribution of wealth to occur naturally in a free market. Now the problem I can see arising from such is where and to who does the wealth redistribute to. Many people believe that it continues circulating among the few (privilege) individuals. I can see how this would seem to be true. If you don’t already have wealth then how can you benefit from the natural redistribution of the market? I believe that it is not the actual wealth that is redistributed, but it is the knowledge. Some people release what will become obsolete before others and they can either find other uses for these services and products or they think of how to improve, or they move on and invest in the next thing. This knowledge allows for oth...
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