Redfish, Blue Fish And Big Fish, No Fish

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Red Fish, Blue Fish, Big fish, No Fish
The old man stands on the river bank, staring into the shallow, swiftly moving current. It’s a warm fall, warmer then he remembers it being anyways. As a boy he would spend each chilly fall morning, standing in this very spot, rhythmically casting his line into the shallows, hoping for a large Chinook to take the fly. As he stands staring and recalling these fond memories, an immense sadness is brought into the light. The river now stands empty, depleted of the once abundant and amazing fish. This old man had been witness to the steady decline of the once massive population of salmon which has now been depleted. Fortunately for California, this story is fiction, for now.
California’s salmon population is not a widely talked about topic. In fact, with such common issues such as drought, global warming and the slew of tensions that constantly arise in the Middle East it is easy to overlook a single species of fish. But, this fish is more than a just a fish it is an amazing biological example of an organism traversing between ecosystems and overcome great adversity, all to ensure the survival of its species. It has been said that, “many years ago you could walk across a river without getting your feet wet”, due to vast salmon populations that would make the annual the journey back to spawning beds. This journey to reproduce was quite difficult before humans came and transformed the land to suit our own selfish needs and we have only made the salmon’s experience worse. It has gotten so bad that in 2008 and 2009, the salmon fishing season was completely canceled. This continual decline begs the question, is California doing everything it can to save this anadromous species?

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