Redemption for One´s Self: Example in Novel The Kite Runner

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As one becomes a teenager they grow ambition to learn about several things that were not completely understandable in prior years. With another year of age comes a greater need to want to prove to yourself to all friends and family. This desire to impress people that you look up to takes over all your thoughts. Opportunities to prove yourself come and you end up becoming a different person in attempts to show your friends and family what you are capable of. What had happened that day was you making such a huge mistake but the biggest problem in this is when you continue to try and be this separate person. Fast forward some time and reality hits. The idea that you became someone else who didn’t treat everyone well, gives the realization that a lot of wrong has been done. When it comes down to making up for what happened you quickly grasp that there is only one thing to do. It’s now time to work out the problem and seek redemption from all those close to you. Redemption can best be described as a goal to clean out the conscience and soul through good acts and attempts at reviving severed ties with anyone you hurt. Redemption can be explained as that push that can lead you to hopping on the proper path and heading back in the right direction.In the process of redemption, most find themselves both nervous and ambitious. There are different ways to try and achieve redemption. There will be those moments where all you can do to help the situation would be by giving the person. What happens most times is that the people who were most hurt from your past actions just want to see you learn and grow from the experience. A very good example of redemption can be of the story I once read was “The Kite Runner”. In this story, you meet two boys... ... middle of paper ... ...imilar to forgiveness on the grounds that they both focus on trying to reestablish friendships on good terms. There are differences between forgiveness and redemption. More often than not, redemption is self-motivated. The main reason a person would seek redemption would be for them personally. Another thing to help distinguish whether one would seek redemption rather than forgiveness would be how long term and how big the problem was. Redemption is very closely related to having to deal with long term problems and forgiveness tends to be more frequently associated with short term and small problems. Redemption is a key part in many people’s lives. In my life I have had my fair share of moments that I had a great desire for redemption. Always remember that no matter what happens redemption can and will leave you with a better perspective and a cleaner conscience.

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