Redemption In The Kite Runner

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Amir’s quest for redemption What is redemption? Redemption is the act of making something better or more acceptable. Redemption will never change the past but it can shape the future. Khaled Hosseini wrote The Kite Runner with six major distinguished themes but the most dominant theme is redemption for Amir’s wrongdoings. For Amir to complete the path for forgiveness he must go through guilt, remorse and finally redemption to right his wrongs. At the age of twelve Amir committed a sin that will haunt him and prove Baba’s opinion about his personality. Amir made a decision to let he’s cowardice control his action during and after the rape of Hassan. Amir said to justify his action “I ran because I was a coward… I was afraid of…show more content…
As Amir got older he started to forget about Hassan getting assaulted. While living in America Amir had changed and he and Baba’s relationship was mended before had passed away. Amir a published author who had everything going well for him received a phone call from an old friend of Baba. Rahim Khan said “there is a way to be good again” in those eight words Amir’s guilt had returned (Hosseini 2). These eight words started Amir’s journey to redemption. Rahim khan told Amir about what had happen to the brother (Hassan) that he envied was killed and had as a son. The son was said to bring him peace and the ability to move on. Sohrab (Hassan’s son) was in the custody of Assef Hassan’s mortal enemy. Amir rescued Sohrab by accepting Assef challenge for the last one standing. When Amir was getting beat up by Assef he started to laugh because, “I saw that, in some hidden nook in a corner of mind, I’d been looking forward to this,” Amir happiest in a painful moment was the climax for his redemption (Hosseini 289). After this event, Amir had helped and defended Sohrab and never gave up on him when he was mute. Amir’s redemption was significant to his twelve year old self because, the younger version of him would not have defended Hassan as he did with Sohrab. When Assef called Hassan a hazara Amir called him a servant not a friend and when Sohrab was called a hazara by the General he defended him and said never refer to him as a hazara in my presents; Amir changed by defending Sohrab and be courageous. The faint- hearted boy Amir was changed into the brave man he is, the act of selfless deeds he had done for Sohrab lead him to the end of his journey for the recovery of his

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