Redefining the Data Management Strategy: A Way to Leverage The Huge Chunk Of Data

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Redefining the Data Management Strategy: A Way to Leverage The Huge Chunk Of Data Chief Information officer ,Mr. Arun Kumar of ABC corporation was watching Television news and seen that huge IT giants like IBM are leveraging upon their existing database to manage and exploit their huge chunk of data to satisfy the needs of their customer in the most appropriate manner .So Arun was thinking of managing the data in his organization and leverage upon the optimal utilization of data so as to come up with best feasible solutions for his clients and satisfy the needs of his clients Considering the abundance of data available in the globalized economy by business, consumer, suppliers and market. Mr Arun understood that Utilizing this huge chunk of data is extremely important for their businesses to succeed. On the recommendation from Arun, ABC corporation conducted a study to understand the various source of information and they found that the data comes from social media, machines, sensors, staff email, etc .To leverage upon this huge chunk of data and gain a competitive advantage over rivalries there is a requirement to redefine the data management strategy. In the past the company was known to the clients for on time delivery of the project and for satisfying each and every requirement of the client in most appropriate manner but as the popularity of the company has grown its client base also grown significantly as a result company is not able to manage the current client base and faces regular complaints from its clients regarding the quality of the deliverable as well as about the deadline not being met by the developers. Mr. Arun Kumar is thinking of optimizing the current the existing knowledge database present in the company ... ... middle of paper ... ...hinking of optimizing the existing knowledge base in the form of codes, database etc. Mr.Arun is worried about the growing customer base as well as the variation in the demands of the customers. Mr. Kumar is thinking about how to leverage the existing database of knowledge the company has and how his company can deliver the best to the customers. Mr. Arun is also thinking of contacting few of the consulting firms as well to resolve this issue.Arun is also gauging the option of making a different information center unit which will be responsible for optimizing the database and come up with best suitable data for the business requirement.Beacuse of the growing clientele Mr.Arun is not able to expand his business and stuck in a dilemma whether to hire a consulting firm or whether to have a separate team which will be optimizing the knowledge database the company has.

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