Redefining Marriage to Include Same Sex Couples Would Affect its Cultural Meaning and Function

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What thought comes to mind when one thinks about gay marriage? Is it that Gay rights in America are growing more rapidly than ever, or is it that Americans are giving up on the hand that they once relied strongly upon on? According to Rob Anderson, an author of the article, “The weekly Standard’s Absurd case against Gay Marriage” stated, “that 65 percent of Americans say they can accept gays and lesbians living together in the Los Angles Times article in 2004”. In the past, homosexuals have been denied the privilege of marriage, and there is absolutely no part of history, which supports or determines whether gay marriage should be allowed, or not. Therefore, I believe that same sex marriages should not be legalized in America. This is simply because children are being taught that there are only people created in the world, which are categorized as male and female, secondly, the American laws will be diluted, and most importantly, same-sex marriages are a sin.
Historically, gay uprising did not really originate in America until the late 1960’s. Once a group of patrons at a gay bar fought back against the policeman who invaded the bar in New York City called, The Stonewall Inn, there arose a massive riot that lasted three days. But, at the time homosexuality was illegal in the United States devaluing sodomy laws. Furthermore, being gay during that period of time was considered a mental illness by the American psychiatric association and a sin in the eyes of the Lord. The Stonewall conflict catapulted the gay rights movement into something larger. Gays were fighting for their acceptance, as well as equal rights. “In 1977, Harvey Milk became the first openly gay man to be elected to political office when he won a seat on the...

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...panions. Furthermore, society needs marriage to establish cultural meaning, symbolism and moral values around the inherently procreative relationship between a man and a woman, and thereby protect that relationship and the children who result from it. That it is more necessary than in the past, when alternatives to sexual reproduction were not available. Redefining marriage to include same sex couples would affect its cultural meaning and function and, in doing so, damage its ability and, thereby, society’s capacity, to protect the inherently procreative relationship and the children who result from it, whether those children’s’ future sexual orientation proves to be homosexual or heterosexual. Secondly, homosexuals would affect the decisions one court after another across the nation has held against same sex marriages the freedom to marry violates the constitution.

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