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444 words

Red Lobster Case Analysis Red Lobster was founded in 1968 by longtime restaurant entrepreneur Bill Darden. He had a vision of bringing quality seafood to individuals all across the nation. During this time people who lived in non-coastal areas had a hard time finding quality seafood. After opening his first restaurant in Lakeland, FL it became a hit and Darden began to expand over the next couple of years. Red Lobster would be sold to General Mills in 1970 and soon after that in 1975 Joe Lee took over for Darden as the President of Red Lobster. In 2007, the restaurant industry began to slowly decline. By the time 2008 rolled around the restaurant sales were down by more than four precent. This decline in sales would immensely affect Red Lobster and the restaurant industry as a whole. This decline was primarily …show more content…

Red Lobster should have created new and exciting menu options. For example, they could have provided customers with seasonal menu items along with new dishes monthly. This resolution would get the customer excite and also attract business on a consistent basis. This would also attract the experimental customer base, by offering new and seasonal dishes. Another resolution would be to modernize the atmosphere. By modernizing the interior and exterior it would increase attention to Red Lobster, thus, driving in more traffic. By creating a clean and modern feel, people will be considerably more comfortable and attracted to the business. Red Lobster should also consider bringing in a new marketing team to help revamp their strategies. In addition to a new marketing team, Red Lobster should also closely monitor their management teams. Customer service is the most important quality in the restaurant industry. Having proper training and exceptional customer service will help Red Lobster’s business to hurdle any obstacle they may

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that red lobster was founded in 1968 by longtime restaurant entrepreneur bill darden. he had a vision of bringing quality seafood to individuals all across the nation.
  • Explains that red lobster struggled to adapt and failed to reposition as a company during the recession.
  • Explains that marketing strategy led to perception of low quality and lost touch of target market/audience.
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