Recycling and Rebuilding

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Talking about recycling is easy, actually enforcing the act is a bit harder. As I begin to become more aware of the reasons to recycle, I find myself taking the time to stop and think before I choose the garbage can or recycling bin. In its simplest form recycling is taking used products and instead of discarding them and finding ways to reuse (Strong, 1997).Though the long-term consequences of pollution is unknown, early indicators suggest consequences could devastate many life forms and pose

many more health risks. By way of reducing landfills, conserving trees and reusing materials, recycling can reduce product costs and conserve our environment for future generations.

Action is needed to reduce landfills in order to prolong the life of our environment. In 2008, the reported amounts of landfills in the United States were 2,122. (, 2010) I once visited a landfill to unload a refrigerator and found it to be a disgusting mess, piles upon piles of trash waiting to be buried. Recycling lessens the amount of garbage added to these sites. Using items like canvas bags, cloth napkins and plastic containers reduce disposal of unnecessary trash.

Another major concern for the need to stop throwing everything into the garbage is the greenhouse effect. Gasses released into the air from landfills are depleting our ozone layer. Bacterial matter from compost like food, break down into gasses, that are hazardous to those in the immediate surroundings. Such gasses lead to forms of disease including cancer, birth defects and genetic mutation. Methane, a highly explosive gas, has caused many explosions (Mann, 2011). Making the choice to stop expanding landfills will, in time, make them obsolete. Recycling more products is the bes...

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...n to understand that it affects them individually. If we want a world that doesn’t end in 2012, we need to take action immediately. I urge you to please think before you dispose. Not just you, but, many people will benefit from the choices you make.


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