Recycling Techniques

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Throughout the world, there are many people passionate about recycling and saving the environment. While the need to increase recycling, it caused an eruption to preserve and protect their natural resources. This cause has become one of the single most important movements of this century. The true meaning of recycling is to process the used or unwanted waste products that our society produces and turn them into renewable and reusable products. The process of recycling reduces the overall cost of manufacturing new products from raw materials and it also lowers the use of energy. There are many products that can be turned into recyclable products. With the technology advancements and regulatory guidance in place regarding recycling, society will ultimately reduce their carbon footprint and will help preserve the environment. With the constant use and depletion of society’s natural resources today, it has made recycling a critical decision for the twenty first century on everybody’s part. Knowing how much society contributes to waste, methods used for recycling and the benefits of recycling, it’s proved to reduce the carbon footprint producing a cleaner and more protected environment for the future.

For the past twenty years, society has surpassed the “Waste equals sustenance” analysis (Frederick, 2007). Individuals have begun to overload our municipal landfills with waste products that could be reused or recycled. By abusing landfills with these waste products, society has begun causing harm to the environment. There are many anti-recycling activists like John Tierney who oppose recycling because he believes it to be a waste of taxpayer’s dollars, and the public’s time and energy (Hershkowitz, 1998). In today’s society recycling ha...

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