Recycling Should Not Be A Mandatory Policy

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Every year the earth faces more environmental challenges and as the global population increases, it causes more problems for the planet and its resources. Recycling waste has been one of the main solutions in finding a more ecologically sound way of life. Some people argue that recycling should not happen because they do not believe that they side effects harm the environment too much. These people are not one hundred percent incorrect with that statement due to the fact that the side effects do not become present until years later, but downfalls do indeed happen when recycling is not being accomplished. While the methods of diminishing the garbage produced in the United States vary from local landfills to power plants that burn waste, if the leaders of this country are serious about preventing a larger issue with environmental pollution and waste management, recycling should become a mandatory policy. The need for solutions to these problems like waste management only increases as the human population continues to produce large amounts of garbage and waste. Finding an ecologically sound, or green, way of life is something that people globally, nationally, and locally attempt to find every year. Today, people seek for a more effective way to discard of the trash composed by the billions of people on earth. Recycling is a process of changing used items into a new product (Ackerman, 2008). Through recycling, the people in America can continue to eat up the normal amount of materials and not need to worry about where all of the rubbish goes after they throw it away. The amount of waste that Americans produce every day in the United States is monumental and needs to be handled in a beneficial manner. The Empire State building is sub... ... middle of paper ... ... must first institute a mandatory recycling policy for all of the citizens. The air, soil, and water pollution are all terrible for the environment and can be reduced if more people were to recycle. Landfills and incinerators may eliminate some waste, but the amount of toxic emissions inserted into the environment destroy our habitat. Countries who mandate some form of mandatory recycling are better off than those that do not worry about the effects of not recycling. There are a multitude of benefits to recycling; it lowers the amount of pollution emitted, conserves power to put toward other projects, creates more jobs for the people of that country, and lowers the amount of taxes. If the citizens of the United States saw all of the benefits of recycling and went through their trash in order to recycle, that would help not only this country but also the environment.

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