Recycle the Present, Save the Future: Effects of Recycling

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Recycle the Present, Save the Future: Effects of Recycling
Approximately 99% of all soda cans are solely made of aluminum; because of this it is highly important that we recycle. Additionally, more than 80 billion aluminum cans are used in the United States every year. Aluminum recycling can have disastrous effects; everyone should be required to recycle it because it is a big factor involved with saving our Earth.
There are many metals in the world that aren’t nearly as used as aluminum so it isn’t as imperative that they are recycled, but with this world wide used metal we must take a stand. It can take from 80 – 200 years for an aluminum can to decompose when left in the earth and this adds up quickly due to the large number of cans used each year. Recycling of aluminum cans has many benefits, such as creating jobs and conserving energy. If we do not start enforcing aluminum recycling the future may become shorter than it should be.
Aluminum, the most abundant metal on Earth making up 8.1% of the crust, with its soft exterior, is most commonly found in soda cans, but can also be used in electrical lines, building supplies, kitchen utensils, and many more. Aluminum is never found free in nature. It is mainly found in other natural items such as rocks and in 250 different minerals. The United States has a big focus on aluminum recycling with over 9,000 recycling programs located through out its states. Aluminum recycling, 20 years ago was basically unheard of, now we have made it so far from where we started. There are entire communities that are focused on going green, which has a direct relation with aluminum recycling. If recycling is not present in the community that can be changed very quickly, the Environmen...

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...drop of water from physical activity and bodily functions. (CBC News)
On a smaller note, Main Metal Recycling located in Jacksonville, Florida, says that their main goals for their company are summed up as follows:
We enjoy purchasing scrap metal from manufacturers, contractors, and individuals. Our approach is: building long-term relationships providing a clean, safe environment for all being friendly and welcoming, offering fair pricing, and serving as good community citizens” (Main Metal Recycling).
Our local recycling company, Advanced Disposal, has over 2,900 trucks that service residential and commercial customers in seventeen states and the Bahamas six days a week and on holidays.
With all of the companies these days using these technological advantages toward aluminum recycling, the companies that do not use them are at a huge disadvantage.
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