Recruitment in Hospitality Industry

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According to Boella (2000), the hospitality industry is said to be one of the world’s leading industries that is contributing nearly over 10 percent of the world’s GDP. this significant increase in the hospitality industry is as a result of the vital processes of growth that has been undertaken in the previous years. Moreover, the industry organizations that are deeply intensifying in the global market have extensively started facing the challenges of managing and selecting the much raised multicultural workforce. Hence the hospitality industry is said to include all businesses that are carried with an aim to offer accommodation, food and beverages services. This includes the restaurants, hotels, and contract catering and hospitality services. It should be noted that the fact that different people from different regions and cultures are joining the hospitality industry, there is a high demand to a new strategy to the selection process. Thus the use of efficient and ethnically sensitive selection method is more vital than ever. This becomes totally a key aspect of achievement for the hospitality organizations during their activities of internationalization and a very vital issue for the intellectuals and practitioners. The employment landscape within the industry in relation to development and training particularly, has fully not changed significantly due to the current global economic disorder. Moreover notwithstanding the diversity, fragmentation and complexity of the sector, it has thus been put into mind that training upgrades, education and vocational training are significant key identities for the efficient functioning of this industry. Again due to the growth of the service industries currently, teaching and guidance in the... ... middle of paper ... ...t which is mostly offered by the hospitality industry. Hence the hospitality industry should be very focused on the implementation and development of a more strategic and attractive approach with the aim of improving its image basically in terms of career development, roles and wages which is the pivot for ensuring an army of proficient workers for the industry. Works Cited Battersby, D. (1996), The challenge and the opportunity facing the hospitality industry. in Kotas, R., Teare, R., Logie, J. Jayawardena, C. and Bowen, J. (eds), The International Hospitality Business, London: Cassel. Berger, F. and Ghei, A. (1995), Employment Test: A Facet of Hospitality Hiring. The Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly: December, pp28-35. Boellla, M. J. (2000), Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry.7th ed. Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes Ltd.
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