Recruitment And The Recruitment Process

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Initially, the hiring process will provide the job description and qualifications for the position opening. It will be beneficial to the firm to clarify which qualifications are necessary to perform the job as opposed to desired. Which will help the organization stay away from unrealistic outlooks for would-be personnel. (p. 191) The policies and procedures for recruitment can be in-depth. Practices such as promotions and most specifically promotions from within will feel fair when accompanied with effective documentation. The way in which a business is seen by the public will have an impact on the recruitment process, too. During class, the discussion over Wal-Mart and their operating tactics. Specifically, working the new hires as…show more content…
Employment agencies, job fairs, e-recruiting have all become popular avenues for potential candidates. Employment agencies have been split into different categories, employment agency and executive search firms. The defining difference between the two would be the salary level. Employment agencies will handle the lower level employee to middle level managers. Executive search firms will handle upper-level managerial position. These types of firms will be compensated whether there was success or not. As opposed to employment agencies who will only be compensated if the organization received an employee. (p. 199) Job fairs or special event recruiting have been popular. This would be extremely popular for new businesses or those who were not well known. This would be beneficial for drawing prospective contenders. Job fairs have tended to be sponsored by number of companies who all occupy booths to make known available openings. (p.199) This brought to mind, the Chesapeake sponsored job fairs which were held annually probably ten years ago. There would usually be over 100 companies there, looking for employees all in one place. Which greatly improved people’s chances of finding gainful
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