Recruitment And Selection Process

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RECRUITMENT - “the process of searching candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for the job in the organisation”-Edwin B. Flippo. Recruitment is the process which helps in linking employers and the jobseekers. In short recruitment can be understood as, A process of attracting candidates for a job in an organisation. Whenever there will be vacancy for the job process of recruitment will be executed. “Selection starts where recruitment ends” Selection – “it is the process in which right person is selected for right job at right time at right cost.” RECRUITMENT METHODS/SOURCES- INTERNAL METHODS- It basically involves recruitment within organisation methods or techniques used for that purpose are known as internal methods some of the internal methods are discussed as follows:  Internal advertisement (emails, newsletters, forms) …show more content…
Generally tests are conducted to know about ability, aptitude and personality of the candidate. 3) EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEW- Third step is related with the interview of the candidate, it is conducted in the beginning and at the time of selection process as well. Interview can be one- to -one or can be panel interview. 4) REFERENCE AND BACKGROUND CHECKS- Sometimes employers ask for name, address, contact details or references for the purpose of verifying information and to gain additional background information of the candidate. 5) SELECTION DECISION- This step is most critical part in the selection process. Final decision is to be made from the pool of individuals who have passed tests, interviews and reference checks. 6) PHYSICAL EXAMINATION- After the selection decision and before the job is offered to the candidate there is a step where candidate has to go though fitness tests. Until and unless candidate is not declared as fit the person cannot move forward to the next step of the selection process. 7) JOB
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