Recruitment And Selection Case Study

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In the current market every organization are trying to determine a way and maintain competitive advantage over the other organization in the same industry. The organization tries to prepare the products that satisfy the needs of customers to the maximum. After the production process is completed, the organization implements the marketing strategy to make the product reach the customers. Selling is a key part of any successful business, and most people will find that they need to use sales skills at some point in their working life – if only to persuade or win an argument.
(P1.2) Buyer behavior and the decision making process in different situation.
Buying Behavior is the decision processes and acts of people involved in
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Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time. ("Why is Recruitment Important? - Premiere People", 2016). Any organization may have all the latest technology and best physical resources, but if they does not have right people it will struggle to achieve high sales. If the sales team decide to recruit they should collect all the information’s about the candidates and they choose suitable applicants then they contact them and interview them. If they believe candidates will be able to do the job then thy offer the job and after that they gave training. There are mainly 3 types of training they are for new employees, managers and…show more content…
• Sales team is key persons to meet firm’s goals: sales team plays the ultimate and vital role to increase the revenues for company.
• For a perfect and competent sales team: fair recruitment and selection procedures help firms get the right persons and reject the wrong persons aiming the sales targets.
• Hire and retain satisfied employees: the more effectively a company recruits and select candidates the more possibility to hire and retain capable, competent and satisfied employees

Recruitment play an important role in the success of an organization. In today’s world, every organization needs to hire people who are adaptable, loyal, knowledgeable, dependable and confident. The following are the main 4 important reasons why an organization needs to follow the recruitment and selection
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