Recruitment Agency Case Study

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Recruitment agencies are a very significant part of employment. It is unfortunate that many job seekers as well as employers tend to overlook these agencies. Recruitment firms can therefore be defined as outside firms that hold the responsibility of finding employees for employers. These are very valuable sources that can serve both the job seekers and job givers in equal measure if used correctly. BIS 2008 explains that most recruitment agencies operate under two types of recruitment. Firstly, there is the temporary contract which is usually flexible on both the employee and the employers’ side. Contract based recruitment vary from a few days to months and some to years. This type of contract however according to BIS 2008, always leads to the candidates become permanent employees in some situations. The other type of recruitment is permanent, whereby the agency helps one to find a job based on their skills matching the requirements of the jobs they have listed. Recruitment agencies are therefore external sources of recruitment that help in the…show more content…
By employing the use of these agencies, it becomes a lot easier for the firms to get both contract and permanent candidates as stated by Storrie 2002. This on the part of the corporates is an advantage as it cuts down on resources that would have been used in advertising and recruiting the candidates. The agencies do all the attracting, evaluation of skills and finding out the salary degrees for each specific job posting. The other reason why using recruitment agencies, is important for a corporation is because the firm is given a chance to pick the best candidates from the talent pool according to Taylor 2005. By enlisting the services of a recruitment agency, a firm is given exposure into a world of talent and skills and thus they can choose who they feel will be resourceful to

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