Recruiting and Selection Process

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Southwest Airlines has developed the ability to attract top talent while retaining those already working within their company. This human resource function is one that companies are striving to continuously improve. In which many companies try to duplicate Southwest’s approach, but are not as successful as the customer service oriented airlines themselves. The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit. Fulfilling this mission statement begins within the recruiting and selection process. Finding the right people, with the right attitude, can be more challenging as one may think.

Many candidates can come to the table with a pretty resume, but yet have a lot of baggage and soiled attitudes. Although Southwest allows free baggage, they will not allow an employee’s baggage and poor attitude to hinder their customers traveling experience. Therefore, Southwest’s screening and selection process is very extensive, and intense. An applicant will begin with a “phone screening interview, followed by a group in person interview. If the team approves, the candidate will continue, with three additional interviews. After meeting many Southwest teammates they will take a consensus assessment, to identify past behaviors to predict future behaviors, if the candidate exceeds the selection process, the team will make a final selection vote,” 1Charles 37 which will determine the candidate’s future with the Southwest Airlines family.

Southwest Airlines recruiters are not looking for a fixed set of skills or experiences. They are searching for something far more elusive and much more important. This consists of the p...

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...hiring process.

Overall, Southwest Airlines is very precise and efficient with their recruiting tactics and selection process, as they should be. Although, airline and healthcare are two different playing fields, it is fascinating learning how similar the Southwest Airlines culture and recruiting process is to DaVita Dialysis’s culture and recruiting process. Both organizations have a family oriented culture, with employee satisfaction, and development a primary focus, while delivering service excellence to the customers they serve. The Interviewing process is practically the same, minus the fact that DaVita is not as creative within their recruiting efforts, and they have to focus on some skill, due to the fact that they have patient’s lives in our hands. Nonetheless, Southwest Airlines definitely has a strong and successful recruiting and selecting process.
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