Recovery in Action: Challenges for Practice

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This paper will discuss the case history of a service user worked with whilst on placement as a student mental health nurse, within a community mental health team (CMHT). A critical appraisal of an intervention implemented and a reflection on the challenges to recovery will also be presented. Case History Real names will not be disclosed in this paper in conformity with the Nursing and Midwifery Council's (NMC) guidelines on confidentiality. Jay is a 46 year old Vietnamese lady who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, she has been known to mental health services for around two years. Schizophrenia is a serious, chronic and comparatively common mental illness, that affects a persons perception of reality (U.S department of health and human services., National Institute of Mental Health., National Institutes of Health 2012). It influences a person's thinking, feeling, behaviour and the ability to function in everyday life. The National Survey of Psychiatric Morbidity in the UK found a population prevalence of Schizophrenia to be as high as 5 in 1000 (NICE 2010). Jay and her family came to the united kingdom in the eighties following the Vietnam war. Thousands of people fled Vietnam by sea on thousands of tiny boats to escape the new communist regime, they were regarded as the 'Vietnamese boat people' (Trueman, F. 2013). The Vietnamese boat people experienced terrible traumas on their journey to the United Kingdom and other countries. Moreover, the Vietnamese Mental Health Service in south London empirically declare that the proportion of people with mental health problems in the community is much higher in the Vietnamese population, than that of the general population. A high percentage of Vietnamese people in the united kingdom are... ... middle of paper ... ...illness, Available at: (Accessed: 18th September 2013). 11. Selten, J. P. & Cantor-Graae, E. (2005) Social defeat: risk factor for schizophrenia? British Journal of Psychiatry, 187, 101–102. 12. Sewell, Hari (2009) Working with ethnicity, race and culture in mental health, London: Jessica Kingsley. 13. Thornicroft, G. and Tansella, M. (2002) Balancing community-based and hospital-based mental health care, : World Psychiatry. 14. Trueman, F. (2000-2013) The history site, vietnamese boat people, Available at: (Accessed: 1st November 2013). 15. U.S department of health and human services., National Institute of Mental Health., National Institutes of Health (2012) Schizophrenia Causes, Symptoms, Signs, Diagnosis and Treatments, Great Britain: Smith, S.
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