Reconstruction's End

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After the Civil War ended in 1865, the Northern Republicans decided to start Reconstruction in the South by implementing the morals of the North. The North’s actions outraged the South so the South decided to use violence to oppose the changes. The Klu Klux Klan, also known as the KKK, was an American terrorist group that was against Reconstruction and was considered to be the Democrat’s unofficial wing. The KKK was the main group that carried out the violent acts against blacks and supporters of Reconstruction. Eric Foner constructs a convincing argument of why Reconstruction ended through his evidence of Democratic violence against Republicans and legislative and political opposition to Reconstruction. The white Southern Democrats also used legislations such as the Black Codes to show that they did not agree with Reconstruction. Also, during the time when Lincoln was planning his Reconstruction, he was assassinated and Andrew Johnson took his place as president. Johnson decided to implement his version of Reconstruction, which conflicted with Congress’s Reconstruction. Reconstruction ended because of Southern Democratic opposition to the plan. This opposition weakened Republican’s will to implement their views on the South. There were also conflicting ideas between Johnson and the government how Reconstruction should be carried out The Southern white Democrats opposed Reconstruction by using violence through the Klu Klux Klan and other similar groups to weaken the Republican support. The Klu Klux Klan attacked not only blacks who participated in politics or who supported Reconstruction but also attacked whites that supported Reconstruction. Many Southerners knew about the brutality of the Klu Klux Klan attacks. Fo... ... middle of paper ... ...sisted Reconstruction. The South used the KKK to attack the blacks that voted and participated in politics, and the KKK attacked many whites that were publically against Democrats and that supported the harsher Reconstruction plans put out by Congress. The end of Reconstruction was inevitable after the efforts of the South to resist Reconstruction because it led to the Republican’s giving up on their plans. The opposition of the south caused the Republicans to tire and this was another factor of Reconstruction’s end. Johnson also had many disagreements with Congress when they were trying to plan Reconstruction, which distracted both Johnson and Congress from actually finishing Reconstruction. This caused it to end before they could finish any of their plans. Because of all these factors, the Republicans eventually lost their will to complete Reconstruction.
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