Reconstruction: The Success And Failures Of Reconstruction

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The Reconstruction
The period of Reconstruction was a period that gave many good things to the people in America, but as everything it also had failures. Some of the successful things that Reconstruction had were:
1. Reconstruction unified the United States, as we know it right now. There was a separation that lasted four years and Reconstruction came to unify all the states and restored them together into one country.
2. The South and the North had a bigger economical expansion because both parts collaborated to work together in order to make the States a better place. Both parts tried to help each other to grow.
3. Reconstruction provided education to all the people in the States. The South was forced to give education to all the people.
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The creation of the Freedmen’s Bureau and many other associations helped the poor people and the African Americans. The Freedmen’s Bureau worked with the African Americans to make them as equal and gave them the right to be elected in political issues.

Reconstruction also had some failures mainly because of the white resistance such as:
1. Ku Klux Klan was a group of people that was against the rights for the African Americans. The people of this group thought that the African Americans were made to be slaves and they were the ones that needed to work the land. The committed many racist actions that affected the stability of the country.
2. Poverty was one of the failures of Reconstruction because the African Americans had few job opportunities in the South and some of the white people lost their lands.
3. The taxes increased because they needed to reconstruct the South. The government started using wrong the taxes payments. Corruption appeared in the United States because the government was using just a little portion of the taxes payments on serious things and all the other part would go to the government’s pocket.
4. The creation of the Jim Crow Laws that supported the discrimination and the segregation in the States.
5. Under the Democratic leadership, many programs of Reconstruction were eliminated and the government spending was cut as
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The Amendment most important features were four. The first clause of the Amendment was that all the people that was born in the United States or naturalized were considered state and federal citizen. It didn’t matter the race they had. The second feature stated that no state was allowed to reduce or violate the privileges and rights of the citizens. The third part of the Amendment stated that no person could be deprived of life, liberty, or property without a due process of law. The last feature of the Amendment stated that every citizen had the right to receive equal protection of the
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