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508 words

The reconstruction Era is the time when the post-Civil war time in America that drives for development and rebuilding of society that suffered from decades of slavery and political disturbance that leads to wars. And this reconstruction Era is about how ordinary people had faced difficult times for creation of better society for decent living. The time period between the years 1865-1877 are the era for reconstruction of American history where common people make outstanding contribution for building the society and develop the economy President Abraham Lincoln had taken various steps to bring back normalcy by applying the moderate approaches, imposing harsh terms and redefine the freedom rights, however ten states still come under the rebellion …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the reconstruction era drives for development and rebuilding of society that suffered from decades of slavery and political disturbance that leads to wars.
  • Explains that the emancipation proclamation was one of the series of presidential order issued by president abraham in january 1, 1863 to change the federal legal status of more than three million enslaved person’s living to live freely and legally living as united states citizens.
  • Explains that president lincoln's policies for emancipation proclamation were blinded by several objectives, such as preserving loyal local governments, utilizing scare resources for economic development, and minimizing the presence of army in the states.
  • Explains that the president's strong influence helps to end slavery in all the united states by cooperating between the states, adopting the gradual imaniciptiation scheme funded by the federal government had yielded positive results in many states that leads to economic recovery.

These steps had freed their slavery status from confederate government to live freely and legally living as United States citizens. The colonization period had made million as slaves especially those are from Africans that later on freed by the presidential order. His primary objective is to save the United States federation by systematically finishing the slavery process. (Keyssar, Alexander. The right to vote: The contested history of democracy in the United States. Basic Books, 2009). The presidential order abolishes the slavery and involuntary bondage labor recruiter will get the punishable by law and it will be treated as crime. After that the need compensate fully from the date of recruitment by paying all the dues to the slaves. However they are many critics for the President Lincoln decision to include these slaves into main esteem of American free society. Even though the President Lincoln drives to get success of proclamation through the emancipation as politically

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