Reconstruction Dbq Research Paper

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Reconstruction Who Killed It: North or South After the Civil War, slaves were but another war rages on North and South to see which side is responsible for the Reconstruction. After the Civil War, thousands of homes and transportation were being re-built. The purpose of the Reconstruction is to reconnect the eleven states that left the Union. They were welcoming free slaves as American citizen. The South states turn back the Reconstruction. There were clans that were formed into freedmen, carpetbaggers, scalawags, and KKK. They were supporting the Reconstruction to have a new era with the Africans moving with Americans. Since there was an election between Ruther B. Hayes (Republican) and Samuel J. Tilden (Democratic). Ruther won the election and told that he will remove federal soldiers from the…show more content…
There were many clan trying to support the Reconstruction. The KKK was opposing the Reconstruction so that they can have Democratic control on the South to make the slaves powerless. They killed Congressman, major, judge, clerk, and Senator. The evidence for is the quote “State Senator John W. Stephens was foully murdered by the Ku Klux in the Grand Jury room of the Courthouse on Saturday.”(Doc A) Steven was brutally beaten to show as a statement from the KKK’s intimidation. The KKK have been recruiting people to oppose the Reconstruction. “One lawyer, one doctor, and some other farmers said that Colby voted for Grant and had carried Negros against them.”(Doc B)The reason why they whipped him because he was a former slave,had leadership, and was intimidated. The ultimate goal of the KKK is to overthrow the Republicans. The KKK were powerful against the whites. Violence would succeed so that the government will send troops to the South to keep it from happening. The South was responsible for the destruction because of the violence that they
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