Reconstruction Dbq Research Paper

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The Reconstruction This is my awesome grebber. The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865 and over 1,125,453 people were injured or killed. Just over 337 million dollars was used between the Union, Confederacy, and ,states that belonged to either, border states. Despite the downfall of the Civil War president Lincoln was still able to achieve his main goal to preserve the Union. The Civil War transformed the nation, including the abolishment of slavery. Income tax and paper currency were introduced. Industry began to take the place of farming and factory production began to increase. Practice of the southern slave economy was destroyed. Along with all these new advances in society and economy, what was known as the Reconstruction came into play.…show more content…
Weary of the ‘Negro Question’ and ‘sick of carpet-bag government”’(DocC 1). Northerners began to change their thoughts on the reconstruction and were tired of trying to solve the race problems in the south. They were sick of the government that was being run in the south by carpetbaggers, people who went south to help Reconstruction. Although these people went South to help the reconstruction a majority of them were causing the corruption in the South.”’Northern voters shifted their attention to such national concerns as the Panic of 1873 and corruption in Grant’s administration...Although political violence continued in the South...the tide of public opinion in the North began to turn against Reconstruction policies.”’(DocC 1). The Panic of 1873 was a financial crisis that caused many people to ignore the Reconstruction. President Grant was more worried about the corruption and crime in the south rather than the Reconstruction and the Reconstruction began to fall to the bottom of Grants list(DocC 1). Not only was President Grant worried about all the crime but the people began to feel that the Reconstruction policies were just a waste of time. The North gave up on the Reconstruction and the fight for
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