Reconstruction Dbq

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Killing of the Reconstruction Right after the Civil War, America was rebuilding itself very quickly, but after the election of 1876, they fell really hard down the stairs. On the bright side, 1876 it was the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and there was a presidential election.(Background Essay paragraph 1) The election was between two candidates. The Republican candidate, Rutherford B. Hayes and the Democratic candidate, Samuel J. Tilden. This close election put America on edge and some people spoke about a second Civil War. The candidates came up with a compromise to not let that happen. This compromise is known as the Compromise of 1877.(Background Essay paragraph 4) If Hayes got the presidency, then he would…show more content…
Many were terrified by the KKK. One incident was when a State Senator from Caswell, by the name of John W. Stephens, was killed.(Doc A paragraph 1) John was stabbed five to six times, then hung up in the Grand Jury room on a hook. John was a Republican Senator, who was for the freedom of slaves. There was also the incident of Abram Colby, a former slave who was elected to the Georgia State Legislator while Reconstruction was going on.(Doc B) He was beaten by the KKK on October 29, 1869. The KKK beat Colby because he voted on a Radical Ticket. Colby said, “Do you ever think you will ever vote another ****** Radical Ticket? If there was an election tomorrow, I would vote the Radical Ticket.”(Doc B paragraph 1) Colby was beaten for hours with straps and sticks with buckles at the end of them. Two days before that Colby was offered money by the KKK to not vote. These were first-class men. “One was a lawyer, one a doctor, and some farmers…”(Doc B paragraph 3) The KKK were first class men so they were probably in the government corrupting it so that the president was not focused on Reconstruction and on the illegal activities in the government.(Doc B paragraph 3/Doc…show more content…
The whites wanted former slaves to be slaves again instead of politicians.(Doc D) The whites didn’t want the African Americans to become politicians, they wanted them to just be free and work in the field for wages. Many of the South Senators were still wanting the slaves to work in their fields. Many of the Southern Resistance would attack the former slaves and hurt them with sticks and buckles. “They set in and whipped me a thousand licks more….. Some are first class men in our town.” (Doc B paragraph 3). Many of the Southern states would only elect white-only governments. (Background Essay paragraph 4) Many of the Southern states turned away Reconstruction efforts, except three. The Compromise of 1877 was formed because of the election between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden was very tight. The Compromise granted Hayes the presidency if he would move all Federal troops out of the South.(Background Essay, paragraph
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