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918 words

“The slave went free; stood a brief moment in the sun; then moved back again toward slavery” (Dubois 505). In other words, slavery was abolished but racism was still around. Interestingly, the Declaration of Independence’s one-hundredths anniversary was celebrating freedom, but yet black Americans were being treated unfairly and didn’t have certain rights. The election of 1876 almost caused another Civil War in the South. More rights were given to the black Americans and the dream of Reconstruction seemed to be working until the election of 1876, where the new president actually made it so that it almost guaranteed all-white governments would reclaim power in the South (Roden 505). The South was at fault for the end of Reconstruction due to …show more content…

Even though slavery was abolished, racism was still around. On the one- hundredth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, America was repairing from the Civil War and trying to make themselves better. While trying to make America a better place, Congress ended the Confederate state governments and replaced them with the South the under the US Army’s rule. Three groups, the freedmen, carpetbaggers, and the scalawags, worked to form new state governments together. Even though there was still lots of racism going around, the African Americans were gaining more rights. During the election of 1876, there were a lot of controversial arguments and rumors of a new Civil War. Running for the Presidency was Rutherford B. Hayes and the other competitor, Samuel J. Tilden. The Compromise of 1877 granted Hayes the Presidency and that made it so that the last of the federal soldiers from the South would be removed. Unfortunately, this action made it so that all-white governments would regain power in the South (Roden, pg. 505). Did the North or South kill the goal of the improvement on equal rights in the …show more content…

People, unfortunately, continue to be racist. People think that the black politicians are savages and uncivilized (Harper’s Weekly 517). The state senator was killed brutally by the KKK. To show what the KKK can do, they attack government officials. The KKK is also making a political statement (Tourgee 511). A Congressman is whipped and left for dead because he voted for Grant (Colbly 513). The KKK is using violence to get Reconstruction to end. Political violence is the downfall of Reconstruction due to the racism and the KKK’s political statements. The North was making it so that Grant’s focus and public opinion shifted from Reconstruction (Danzer 515). President Grant says “I hope I shall get to the bottom soon.” He is trying is trying to find where corruption will end (Harper’s Weekly 515). However, the South wasn’t busy at all and didn’t do anything to stop the KKK so the South was at fault. The South was at fault because of their lawlessness and didn’t do anything to stop the KKK so the South was a fault for killing Reconstruction (Tourgee

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that slavery was abolished but racism was still around. the 1876 election almost caused another civil war in the south.
  • Explains that slavery was abolished, but racism was still around. reconstruction was about improving rights for african americans.
  • Explains that the kkk was a terrorist group in the south that caused chaos that wasn't being stopped.
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