Reconstruction Dbq Analysis

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After the Civil war Reconstruction was developed to reconnect the eleven states that had left the Union and welcome the millions of recently freed freedmen as american citizens. Reconstruction was developed to rebuild the infrastructure and enforce equality in the south after the civil war had devastated most of the south. Reconstruction was around from 1865-1877. during this time the 13th and 14th Amendments were passed giving blacks American citizenship and civil rights. Also during this time black churches, public schools,and universities were built and sixteen african americans served in congress. Then after the election of 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes was elected and he removed federal troops in the south crushing the american dream for…show more content…
In the fall of 1873 the Boston Evening Transcript ran a letter that blackes are unfitted for political duties. In this letter they basically said that “blackes needed a period of prohibition and instruction” and need a period to forget about the condition of being a slave.Some people thought that blacks have been in slavery so long they would not understand the government. The letter also says that blackes also need to learn “much of the true method of gaining honorable sustenance and of performing the duties of any position to which they might aspire” (doc D). In the following spring after the letter ran the cover of harper's weekly sowed what northerners would think of a southern state legislature might look like. It portrayed black politicians as arguing, lazy, and crazy. After seeing the letter and the cover northerners further to untrusted the blacks and therefore lose hope in reconstruction. Furthermore the northerners wanted the military to come out of the south because they thought that helping someone who was not trustworthy was not right. In conclusion the north neglect ended construction because of the northerners untrust in

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