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929 words

In the 1800’s slavery was a huge problem in our country. Especially in the south. White citizens in the south would own lots of plantations were African Americans would be forced to work. After the South was defeated in the civil war, the reconstruction process would begin. Reconstruction is when people try to fix the conflicts that were destroying the country. After trying to make new laws in the reconstruction process, reconstruction ended up being a failure. Reconstruction was a failure due to the new laws created by the influence of the South. Even though African Americans were claimed to be free they were still segregated. For example in the text Plessy v. Ferguson Judgement (1896) it states,“Supreme Court accepted the proposition that …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that slavery was a huge problem in our country in the 1800s. after the civil war, the reconstruction process began.
  • Explains that reconstruction was a failure due to the new laws created by the influence of the south. even though african americans were claimed to be free, they were still segregated.
  • Analyzes how the supreme courts took their ideas and ran with it not even considering the black man’s dreams and desires, causing reconstruction to fail.
  • Explains that the civil war was a hassle for people to accept, and that african americans were constantly being threatened by whites who were closed minded to the fact of change.
  • Opines that reconstruction was a success because african americans were given the right to become free.
  • Analyzes how white resistance to reconstruction shows that segregation was worse than slavery and that reconstruction failed. free african americans had the right to receive an education, but white men wanted blacks to not gain one.
  • Explains that reconstruction was supposed to help african american citizens, have the same opportunities as the whites, not create more differences amongst the two races.

African Americans were longer to be held in captivity. The African American Records suggest “ The war had liberated nearly four million slaves and destroyed the region's cities, towns, and plantation-based reconstruction that would bring freed people to full citizenship” (African American Records: Freedmen’s Bureau, n.d.). This informs the audience that African Americans were free and now allowed them to gain full citizenship. Black Americans would finally gain their citizenship and start their new lives as a free man with equal rights as a white man. Although African Americans were freed, reconstruction still managed to fail. African Americans still had to live in fear because they were still unequal. In the Harper’s weekly cartoon, there’s a picture White Resistance to Reconstruction, and it shows African Americans looking down at a child as they sit there afraid because to the left of them you have a man representing the white league and to the right of them a KKK member who’s holding hands with the white league man and they have a skull in their hands as they hold it over the African Americans families head. If you look where the African Americans are you can see a school book, and in the background their school house is burning down and a man being lynched. The words is the picture say “ The union it was this is a white man’s covenant the lost cause worse than

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