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People fail to realize that the U.S. is in a constant state of Reconstruction and that we will probably always be. The select time period we call Reconstruction is when most people think was the time of Reconstruction but the U.S. is still trying to build on the little progress they got from that era. For African Americans the Reconstruction Era was a failure due to the black codes, shotgun policy, and the easy ways to get around the 15th amendment even though some still argue that Reconstruction was a success. The time period we call this is not where it ended but where it began. One of the biggest failures of Reconstruction were the Black Codes, tdhese established a legal system that was prejudice to African Americans in the South. The codes created kept African Americans subservient to white people by adding in special circumstances that they had to go through that white people didn’t. These codes were created to keep white people in power in a way that was legal at the time because they could no longer have slavery. They restricted African Americans from loitering, using alcohol...
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