Recommendations to Grow Joe's Landscaping And Equipment Rental Business

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Joe's Landscaping and Equipment Rental Business


At 50 workers, Joe's company is successful enough to keep him busy six days per week. Joe seems to be very hands-on, and his daily landscaping and tree-trimming efforts, as well as his renting of landscaping equipment, keeps him quite busy. Joe's company appears to be at a point where his organization is as large as it can get and still be operable with his own set of hands. The vision that is needed must be determined by Joe, himself. Does he want the company to remain small and for him to remain personally involved in the daily tree-trimming and landscaping operations? Does he want to continue handling the renting of his own equipment? Or is he willing to relinquish those duties to others to focus his efforts elsewhere?


For the sake of this discussion, this paper assumes that he wants to grow his company. Given that assumption, the first recommendation is that he hire full-time field managers to handle the field work, which will allow him time to focus on managing, sales, fee collection, and other administrative tasks, which he so desperately needs.

Immediately, Joe's company faces two serious problems, however, before it can grow. Joe's first concern is employee turnover due to the seasonality of the work. It can be assumed that business is slow in the winter months because of the weather and also because of the holiday shopping season. There is likely not much business to be had and even less need for employees on the payroll. It is not surprising that employees are often forced to quit, completely or temporarily, in order to find income elsewhere. The good news is that with a constant influx of new employees, his staff is being paid low pay rates...

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