Recession Essay

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Background of the study Recession affects all the sectors and industries and banking sector is no exception. There is a lot of talk about recession. It is generally a though that recession has a bad affect on the consumers and different sectors. Recession can be mainly said as the reduction in the phase of business cycle. National Bureau of Economic Research is the official agency which to declare that economy of the world is recession. This is a fact that lots of people feel that countries which have good finance environment have good economic growth. To know the affect of recession we need to know about the financial situation of the Banks of the country. Rather than researching on the cross country impact of recession it is important to know impact on a particular country. The Banking industry in most economies has traditionally been more synchronized than other industries. If there is downfall in other industries there is not much effect on the economy of the country but if downfall of the banks can lead to worse effect on the nationwide economy which results in the disordered payment system. It is not a goal of the a particular research work to find new theories for a particular system rather the elements of existing theories are included and used in new context. To address the research objective there is a method in which qualitative and quantitative approach is required. The Banking industry in most economies has been developed than any other industry Earlier the banks used to be crowded but now the banks as an alternative of attending customers’ everyday consult with them and ask them to pay more attention to central banking like project financing, advances, loan recovery etc. This report will tell us that how Indian bank... ... middle of paper ... ...auses and effects which is the main part of this dissertation. The first paragraphs of the research will be the how the data will be presented which can be called as the design of the study. The dissertation will include the background of the study so that the readers are able understand the topic properly. The author will also get some of the inferences which will present new reasonable options for explaining. There will be implications which will be included in the separate section. Even that will include the recommendation which will help the experts to think how recession can be handled so that the economy of countries does not go down or there is a credit crunch. In the chapter five there will be conclusion that will be given based on the data, so it will be linked to the findings that are in chapter four. The conclusion will mainly be based on the literature.
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