Rebellion: Lacking Freedom

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Freedom is something everyone strives for, something everyone wants, and freedom is what people like Mahatma Gandhi fight for. In the book Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, freedom is a big aspect that impacts many parts of the storyline, especially the DHS, whom is the main cause of the controversy of freedom. The DHS is so determined to protect the society from terrorism that ultimately they destroy the freedom that they are striving to protect.
Protecting the society from threats in any way possible is the DHS’s job, and the DHS is definitely determined to do so. To start with, after the terrorist attack, many provisions are made to track down terrorists and keep the society safe. This is shown when the police have a talk with Marcus at the restaurant, because one says that “[they] get an alert when anyone with an uncommon ride profile comes out, and that helps [them] assess whether [they] want to investigate” (Doctorow 106). The DHS goes through the effort to track subway and toll route passes to bring terrorists to justice, and protect the society. Moving on, the DHS track when and where purchases are made. An example of this is when Marcus is talking to the coffee shop man, and the coffee shop man says that “[t]he government … they monitor every time [one’s] debit card is used” (90). The government and the DHS are working together to find out where terrorists get their supplies, and who the terrorists are, using their debit card records. Finally, the DHS also track the internet for unusual records, who potentially are terrorists. This is proved when Marcus sees “[a] guy in a DHS uniform … [using a wifinder to] [scout] for Xnet nodes” (145). The DHS wants to find Xnet nodes because a lot of terrorists share information over ...

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...l who is trusted and who is not, and because of this, Marcus and Jolu create a network of friends using crypto to rebel against this and not let any confidential information get out to the DHS. The DHS is surely trying to protect the society, but they have taken it too far, and the society does not approve of what they have done, thus causing rebellion, which ultimately results in the DHS being overthrown by the society.
The DHS is so determined to protect the society from terrorism that ultimately they destroy the freedom they are striving to protect. There is a fine line between protecting and overprotecting, and based on the evidence provided, the DHS is certainly overprotecting the society, and in doing so, the society is rebelling against the DHS because their freedom is taken away. Freedom is a right, and no one has the right to deprive anyone of that right.

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