Rebecca J. Donatelle's Enhancing Your Body Image

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Every morning as I start my day, I am obligated to step on the scale and weigh myself whether I want to or not. Reason being, I must ensure that I am not accumulating fluid from congestive heart failure. There are days where I can gain anywhere from five to ten pounds, if I am uncareful, in turn that takes a toll on my self-image regarding my weight even though it is fluid weight. Growing up, I never had major issues regarding my weight. I was active in sports, clubs and always outdoors. It was not until after I had a child, that I began having major issues and had to do a life style change to save my life. According to the article “Enhancing Your Body Image” by Rebecca J. Donatelle, the author discusses the importance of body image. Body image is simply how you see yourself in either a positive or negative manner. It is a crucial in human development and shapes who you are as an individual. Body image can be expressed through body language, how you are…show more content…
Social media has a major impact on how others view themselves by allowing people to like photos and post comments both positive and negative on other pages. Also, in the media you see what is most popular. How they became either the way they look or how they got to where they are today. Everywhere you look a celebrity has someone judging them which in turn makes us judge ourselves based off their biased opinions from the tabloids. Miranda Lambert said, “If you don’t stand for something, how can anyone respect what you do” (Lambert, M. 2015). To me, that means if you do not leave you’re mark in this world by doing something and having a purpose, how can anyone take you seriously. If you want to be respected give other people a reason to respect who you are as an individual. The world has a painted picture of who we should be versus letting us create our own one stroke at a

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