Reasons for the Failure of Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Reasons for the Failure of Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Hamlet is becomes obsessed with the idea of killing Claudius, the unmerited force ruling his country. But while this obsession is the beginning of Hamlet's revengeful behavior, it also introduces his character flaw; his penchant for delaying what he should do.

Hamlet's reasons for revenge against Claudius are fairly straightforward. The ghost of Hamlet Sr. informed Hamlet that Claudius killed Hamlet Sr. In doing so, he weakened Hamlet by robbing him of his central role model of masculinity, his father. He also committed the moral sin of killing is own brother and taking his wife. Claudius also deprived Hamlet of his rightful kingship. In addition, Hamlet now knows that his love of his mother is corrupted since she is affectionate towards his enemy.

Hamlet should have acted decisively and killed Claudius as soon as possible after the Ghost told him to avenge his murder. But then comes the indecisive character in him that thinks it though. he debates that if he does not kill Claudius, he may forever be locked in the stressful mental state in which his obsession puts him, but then again if he attempts or succeeds in killing Claudius he is released from all the responsibility he feels for represtenting his father. Whether he does or doesn't kill Claudius, he faces enormous psychological pain. This allows him to mope about the castle for months on end. He's convinced a few people that he's mad. Hamlet could have killed Claudius and gotten away with it. Hamlet was incredibly popular with the people, and Claudius wasn't.Instead he wiles away the time, playing mad and deceiving people, but accomplishing nothing.

Hamlet also procrastinates in parts such as during the protracted Players' scene or during the clown's graveyard scene, for the essential reason that his psychological feelings confuse his ability to confront his destiny. He finds it very difficult to decide whether to kill Claudius or let him be. And also Hamlet's refusal to kill Claudius while he is "praying," even before he realizes that he would send Claudius' soul to heaven Hamlet expresses doubt.
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