Reasons for Exploration

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Reasons for Exploration Before the Age of Exploration, little was known to the Europeans of the outside world. There was the misconception that the earth was flat and finite. Likewise, in accordance to the Bible, people thought that the earth was 7/8 land. From this belief it was thought that any voyage around Africa to India would be impossible, as it was suggested that landmass would obstruct any vessel. As well there was no knowledge of the existence of the Americas or Australia. However, it was these misconceptions that gave explorers such as Columbus reasoning to sail west to go east. Nonetheless, exploration in the 15th century was fueled by an assortment of factors. The first of these factors was the change in the views and outlook of the Europeans. The rise of towns and trade in the past century stimulated a desire for foreign goods. As a second effect it exposed the Europeans to foreign culture, hence producing interest towards the outside world. Supplementary to the rise of towns and the increase in trade were the radical ideas of the Renaissance. Secular topics w...
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