Reasons behind Suicidal Terrorist Attacks

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Emile Durkheim's theory of suicide: "Any form of public death--be it an execution, a disaster, a brutal murder, or a suicide--sends shockwaves through society and stimulates a great deal of emotion, especially among the witnesses." (44, Sociology in a Changing World) Suicide bombing, or suicidal terror, is an effective means of achieving political and psychological devastation to societies and cultures the world over. This violent tactic is the weapon of choice for Islamic militants seeking to undermine the American dominance in the 21st century. Obviously, the brutal acts appear to be the work of insane, desperate human beings. Nevertheless, many suicide bombers, such as those affiliated with al-Qaeda, are part of a middle class socioeconomic status (SES) and they are often educated in some of the best western institutions. Contrary to the cultured and skilled al-Qaeda killer, the Palestinian suicide bombers are typically very poor and lack most basic human rights in everyday life. Their social institutions have become frayed due to years of political chaos and with an unrelenting religious zeal the effort to rid Israelis from what they deem their rightful territory seems far from over. Therefore, what aspects contribute to the desire to kill ones self and the willingness to take a great number of victims with them? In the case of the Palestinians, I estimate is has much to do with not only the individual and the group interactions between religiously fervent militant's desire for martyrdom, but also because the act of suicidal terror functions in favor of this particular resistance group. Children witnessing these glorified acts and are eager to mimic them while women believe they will gain equality in a future Pal... ... middle of paper ... ...ow much these women sacrifice they will be pushed back down to the bottom once liberation has occurred or freedom is in place. Although a dangerous move, it would be wise to take a stand against violence and try a feminist approach of peaceful resistance and civil disobedience, not continue to feed their children to a process that violates human rights. Though these acts are likely to continue for year's maybe even generations, the best we can hope for is a worldwide condemnation of such acts or a campaign that enhances understanding as to what best combats them. A more regimented education system with religion left out of the curriculum, a larger platform for political voices, encouragement for civil rights and women's movements and a healthy dose of reality and less conspiracy in their daily lives may help them achieve hope to find a place in the world.
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