Reasons behind Students Failing in College

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Most human beings begin college with high expectations of obtaining a degree to become successful in life. Many students are not academically prepared to meet the requirements needed to complete the courses they are enrolled in. The freedom of becoming an adult takes a great toll on the education of new comers to a college. Half of college students are likely to never receive a college degree. Attributes that contribute to a student failing in college is the lack of skills that prepares students for a higher education.
One major key to becoming successful in college is motivation, which is what most students who fail to graduate lack. Frequent tardiness and absenteeism leads to a decrease in a student’s desire to attend class promptly. As reported by DiLallo in Paulynice’s article, “According to a survey that was conducted by the Higher Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles, 33 percent of students said they skipped class frequently, and 63 percent of students said they showed up late for class frequently” (qtd. in Paulynice). Having continual absenteeism in college creates a negative impact on a student’s academic achievement. In order to achieve good grades, students need to be present for all of their classes. Levine, Judith R. collected data that shows the decrease in a student’s absences results in a higher grade (Paulynice). Encouragement plays a huge role to a student’s success in college, without any type of encouragement some students may not be committed.
Lack of parental involvement is an issue that most college students have to deal with. It becomes difficult for students to know how to deal with challenges related to school when being the first generation in their family to experience college. This...

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...he absence of attributes that a well-organized and motivated student obtain. Most students enter college with high intentions of being successful, which in time turns into a whole different negative outlook during their college experience. They abuse their independence that college comes with, forcing failure upon their education. Lacking preparedness and skills needed to achieve a college degree negatively effects students’ academic performance.

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