Reasons One Would Turn Against Other Human Beings

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The Indonesian killing began the night of September 30, 1965, general council lead an unsuccessful coup against President Sukarno in Jakarta. This lead President Sukarno to consider them as communist and demand that they be punish for their act of crime. Many reporters from around the world arrive in Indonesia to report on the mass killing for the world to know. However, the world turns their back to these people for the reason of “Communism”. Communism began back in World War II (1939-1945), from that period in time the world has feared the spread of communism and did everything in their power to prevent the concept from spreading. The Indonesian killing was consider an act of genocide because it was a mass murder of a group of people who they consider “communists”. Genocide occurs when people are force to turn against one another due to their social setting and the system that they under.

What is communism? Communism is defined as a political theory created by Karl Marx, where all property is publicly owned. “Anybody who oppose to the military dictatorship would be accused of being a communist” (The Act of Killing). The reason for this genocide was for the political elimination of the Partai Komunis Indonesia [PKI]. The PKI was the Indonesian communist party; they were accused of supporting the Chinese to killing the generals. But all of these accusions were just started from rumors started by people like the President who want any political party against him to be exterminated. Killings were done mostly against members and associates of the PKI and its organization. However in many case there were some non-communist people who were mistakenly identified as communist, or were accused of associating with the communist party. ...

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