Reasons For World Hunger

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Every man, woman, and child must eat, no matter their income or where they live. When people have basic needs that must be met there are often serious problems when these needs are not fulfilled. There are many different reasons for these people going hungry. There are hungry people all over the world, even in your neighborhood. Hunger is a problem, and with everyone’s help, it can be solved.
World Hunger defines hunger as, “the want, or scarcity, of food in a country.” (2013). World food programme adds to this definition saying, that hunger is when someone lives on less than the recommended 2,100 kilocalories for weeks or months (2014). When people don’t get enough food and nutrients, they do not perform as well as a healthy person does. This
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When a natural disaster happens, the crops are usually destroyed (3013). Many people live, and farm, areas that are prone to flooding or drought (World Food programme, 2014). Because of these disasters, their yields are affected negatively. Farmers are also unable to raise livestock in these conditions (2014).
Another factor that impacts world hunger is war and conflict (2014). Conflicts often disrupt a country’s farming and food production. Often times funds are used to fund the war, rather than help the farmers out. People may also be forced to flee their home because of fighting, thus leaving their farmland untended and unprotected. Sometimes it’s not the people’s fault for hunger. Soldiers are known to with hold food so their opponents submit to them. They also destroy local markets by destroying food and livestock (2014). World Food programme also says that unstable markets are another cause of hunger (2014). With food prices constantly rising and falling, it is hard for poor people to access nutritious food consistently. When nutritious food prices rise too high, consumers shift to less nutritious, cheaper foods. This may lead to nutrient deficiency and malnutrition if it goes on for long enough
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In the 10.9 million child deaths each year, poor nutrition plays a role in at least half (World Hunger, 2014). Do something estimated that in 2010, 7.6 million children died from hunger. That is over 20,000 kids a day. Not only is malnourishment harmful to children, but also to pregnant women. Over 17 million children every year are born under nourished. This is because their mothers were malnourished before and during pregnancy. 315,000 women die every year from hemorrhaging during childbirth. This is because they are very deficient of basic nutrients. Chronic hunger is also responsible for high infant mortality rates, increased risk of infection, serious vulnerability during disasters, stunted economic growth, and developmental

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