Reasons For Migration Essay

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1.0. Reasons for migration Currently, fundamental wishes in essence of existence: to live in better conditions. From the immemorial time, the climate conditions had changed and made life of primitive human more than hard, sometimes impossible. Drought, flood, and temperature changes could certainly motivate people to move on. It might be too cold or too hot or too wet, which in turn had affected on the quality of human life, because animal and plant life also changed, with the amount of basic food was sharp decreased. In other words, climate changes and the sensory perceptions played a major role in relocation in ancient times. Next, when society began develop, people also migrated by individual reasons. But with the same motivation: to live in better conditions. There were conflicts over land use or hunting rights, later it was more deep and moral reasons, such as religion and race discrimination. One of the examples is American Revolution of 1765, when Thirteen American Colonies broke from the British Empire and created an independent nation, the United States of America. Now days, people through the traveling realize the differences between native and residence country, comparing all spheres of life. In such a way, more and more natives are motivated to change the country for a whole host of reasons. During the state’s comparing, different people find different as advantages as disadvantages of moving. Sometimes, people disagree with the political system, or outraged standards of living, others trying to strike out the previous life and begin anew, find religion or self-expression. All of them move to find themselves. In our... ... middle of paper ... ...w emotions and also a lot of new contacts or familiars. But at the same time, Russians have some old and famous phrase that “for every action or event in your life you have to pay”. According the wishes to change the life a huge number of youth are migrate, someone doing it unconsciously, not realizing that this movements can have high or lower price. During the culture shock young people putting themselves in stress, as a practice, after some period of time they lose a large number of friends, and as a consequence loses of the nationality. Someone became an eternal stranger for some period of life, after just talking about this experience with the smile on the face. But someone could not adopt after returning at home. Because it is unreal to change something in native country or make some modifications in own personality and own mind, looks like a vicious circle.
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