Reasons For Failure Of Reconstruction

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Reconstruction was a failure, because the North did not have a plan to rebuild the south, which lead to the newly freed slaves to be discrimination against until the 1960’s. The North passed the 14th and 15th amendments in hope that this will protect the newly freed slave’s rights. The south was able to get around those amendments, because the people in power in the South were former confederate soldier and were seen as redeemer. The redeemers in the South put into effect Jim Crow laws, which were use to step on African Americans voting rights and civil rights. The South also had sharecropping, which was white farmer would give pieces of their land to black families. The farmers would give the black families a house, and sometimes animals, seeds, and other farming tools.…show more content…
The family were share their crop half and half with the white farmer. The laborer would get more of the crop if the white farmer only give them land and a house. White farmer would use sharecropping by taking the black families in subordinate position. Southern feeling like they are being treated like second class citizens from the Ku Klux Klan, to fight against African American taking their jobs and keeping them from voting in elections. When the Democratic got into power in 1874 their cut spending from program helping African Americans. The Southern states passed “Black Codes” in 1864, which effect the rights of former slaves. Reconstruction only work when Grant was in office and after were two terms the Democratic president Hayes end Reconstruction in
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