Reasons Behind the Industrial Revolution

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Reasons Behind the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was the widespread replacement of labor by

machines driven by water wheels, windmills and later by steam power.

This change called the Industrial Revolution was a process, which

began in the 18th century and continued well into the 19th century.

The Industrial Revolution was the result of interrelated changes,

which transformed agricultural economies into industrial ones. The

immediate changes made by the Industrial Revolution were the nature of

productions. This included what was produced, as well as where and how

they were produced. The Industrial Revolution replaced the Domestic

System; this was when goods that were traditionally made in home or

small workshops began to be manufactured in large factories. The

Industrial Revolution overturned not only traditional economies but

also whole societies. Economic changes caused far reaching social

changes, including the movement of people to cities in search of work,

the availability of a greater variety of materials, and new ways of

doing business. These are a few of the several reasons why the

Industrial Revolution was so important. This essay will explain what

caused the massive change in Britain's industry.

One major cause of the Industrial Revolution was Britain's population

increase. Between 1780 and 1851, the population of Britain grew

rapidly. Historians do not agree about the specific causes of the

population explosion, but it is clear that two main factors were at

work. These were the rising birth rate and the falling death rate. For

a variety of reasons people lived longer and the death rate fell


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...the new ideas and

inventions in industry. The reason for this is because if it weren't

for Britain's population increases the development of the industries

would not have been so important. Another reason why I think Britain's

population increase was one of the major causes of the Industrial

Revolution, this is because Britain's industry would not improved so

well if Britain's population did not assist. This is due to the fact

that Britain's population provided cheap labor to work in the

factories made for Britain's industry. The reason why the inventions

made in Britain helped so much in causing the Industrial Revolution

was because the new inventions ensured that modernization in machines

could speed up the production in goods; which was very important. This

essay has explained why there was an Industrial revolution.
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